Exterior Guru's Residential Labor Warranty

Our warranty is based on the simple assumption that “… a properly installed roof should not leak for its expected lifetime.”

In Colorado, the average life expectancy of a roof is approximately 12-20 years depending on the type and quality of the roof installed as well as weather conditions during the lifetime of the roof.

Simply stated, “if Exterior Guru installs a roof and the roof leaks due to our improper installation we will repair it at no cost to the home owner.”  This warranty is transferable to future owners of the property noted above.

Exterior Guru warrants that a proper permit was pulled and the roof was inspected by a City inspector of the prospective property and passed their installation specifications.

This is a craftsmanship only warranty.  Exterior Guru is not responsible for acts of God such as hail, wind, or flying debris, nor leaks caused by leaf debris in gutters, roof channels and valleys, damage from foot traffic and natural disasters.  Exterior Guru is not liable for any other company’s work or any individual damaging our installation or any manufacturer’s specified or implied product warranties.

The only requirement is that any additional roofing work such as skylights, roofing remodel or repairs must be done by Exterior Guru or this warranty is null and void.  Exterior Guru strongly recommends a yearly roof inspection to clean gutters and debris from the roof as well as a visual inspection of the general condition of the roof.  That service is provided by Exterior Guru at a modest cost. 

Material Warranties

Exterior Guru has researched the best products on the market that offer the best warranties. Your Guru can help you plan your project and make recommendations as well as perform the installation. Warranties are a huge part of that process. Discuss your warranty desire with your Guru to make sure your product choice matches those desires.

Exterior Guru offers a limited 5 year labor warranty on all work completed as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please call the owner at 303-669-7598 with any questions regarding our warranty and guarantee. 

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