If That Hail Storm Did a Number on Your Roof, Call Exterior Guru LLC

If That Hail Storm Did a Number on Your Roof, Call Exterior Guru LLC

Repairing hail damage in Wheat Ridge, CO and beyond

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against extreme weather. Unfortunately, hail storms rarely leave a roof unscathed. If your roof has suffered hail damage in Wheat Ridge, Colorado or the surrounding area, it's time to call Exterior Guru LLC.

Our hail repair specialists will inspect your roof for damage and come up with a plan to fix the damage. Call 720-262-8060 today to set up an appointment.

5 signs of hail damage

The most common signs of hail damage are…

  1. Cracked shingles: Hail can pelt your roof with so much force that it cracks the shingles, sometimes splitting them in two.
  2. Missing granules: The granules on your asphalt or composite shingles protect your roof from damage. Hail damage can knock them off.
  3. Dented downspouts: If your gutters and downspouts show signs of damage, it’s a safe bet your roof will, too.
  4. Bruises: Similar to missing granules, bruises are very small indentations in shingles that often lead to bigger problems.
  5. Missing shingles: In extreme cases, wind can tear hail-damaged shingles right off your roof.

Consult with the hail repair pros at Exterior Guru LLC in Wheat Ridge, CO today.